Public Education: Finland v. India


The U.S. is not the only country grappling with questions on how to shift its public education system. Teach for India alum Prachur Goel is asking some tough questions from Mumbai, where he taught in a local slum.

While many might think that comparing a large, over-populated developing nation to the most sparsely populated member of the E.U. would not yield many useful results, Prachur makes some deep, system-based statements that should be considered everywhere there is public education, regardless of the circumstances.

  • An education system is not defined purely by what happens inside the classroom.
  • The highest performing education systems are those that provide excellence with equity, not choice.
  • Children must play.

Read on to learn about what Finland can teach us, with an Indian comparison.

What do you think about equity and choice? Do you have any experience with education abroad? We would love to know! Tell us what you think in comments, or at

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