Who we are:

Advisors that make education shift happen.

What we do:

We connect educators and students (learners) to opportunities.

How we do what we do:

  • We guide educators to understand how best practices shift our education structure to a true learning journey.  
  • Foster business and community partnerships with education that become a vital part of the transformation.
  • ShiftED hosts a series of workshops helping educators tackle change.
  • ShiftED creates learning experiences for students and educators in business.
  • ShiftED utilizes a process that has transformed businesses, communities and schools.
    • Our change process is adapted from the Malcolm Baldrige Foundation, a leader in systematic change and innovation, to meet the specific needs of education.  

The Team:

Julie Leach @juleach

Audrey Mathis @audreyfryar

Dr. John Vandewalle @JohnVandewalle

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