4 Lessons from Inside Out that Teachers Try to Teach Everyday

Reblogged from the Lumen Touch Blog. Everyone, especially every educator, should go see Inside Out, the latest movie from Disney/Pixar. It is one of the most important modern films for children.

Lumen Touch: The Blog

Fear, Disgust, Sadness, Joy and Anger from Disney/Pixar's Inside Out. Fear, Disgust, Sadness, Joy and Anger from Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out.

Warning: Spoilers for the movie Inside Out ahead.

With a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, it is clear that Inside Out has been almost universally lauded by critics. However, there is another group that loves this movie: teachers. I went to see Inside Out with a group of teacher friends, and afterwards, all we could talk about was how important it is in the children’s movie landscape. It is one of the few movies that truly deals with emotions and empathy in a smart and engaging way. It centers on a young girl as she is slowly shepherded into the next stage of emotional maturity. Something that teachers do every day with their students. Here’s why it is important watch and discuss Inside Out with children:

1. There is no villain.

Riley, whose consciousness is the main setting of this film…

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